Nothing is true, everything is permitted

I’ve been wary of what I like to call the “new kids on the block”, or, specifically, feature title series that have been making headlines in the past few years (such as Uncharted). What I mean by wary, however, is that I’m wary of whether or not it’s worth the time to investigate such titles when it seems like they’re developed around the console. Which, if you haven’t guessed by now, doesn’t exactly sit well with me because I don’t own any consoles (and I don’t plan on changing that). However I was led on by a trusted friend who does mingle in that part of the gaming world that the PC versions of Assassin’s Creed were worth trying. Honestly, I’m glad I did.

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Giving PC gamers the middle finger

Ubisoft, a power-hitter publisher and developer in the video game industry, recently decided that PC gamers would not be receiving Prince of Persia DLC “for business reasons.” Of course, as you can see in that thread, PC gamers also decided to make a few business decisions of their own; such as never buying an Ubisoft product ever again. However, one can only wonder what this mystical “business reason” was so that PC gamers would be barred from enjoying a product they bought–or did they? Read more of this post