Spore still sucks…but I wish it didn’t

While I have made my feelings about Spore quite public, it’s still hard to remain angry at a game that you really wanted to love. Even after losing a CD drive to SecuROM, even after the shallow response to the criticism EA was receiving about the game, even after the insulting Creepy and Cute pack…there was still a part of me wishing that EA would find redemption in putting out their whorification plans to release 50 expansion packs, like they do for The Sims. At least in that plan The Sims actually became a better game. Read more of this post

The Rise and Fall of Gaming Gods: Will Wright

There are people in the video game industry that we know very well. They are the people who have designed franchises of our beloved childhoods. They are the people who invented a specific genre. They are the people that paved the way for future success for their companies. They are the people that are considered influential in their golden days. They are what us raving fanboys might call gaming gods; they spoketh the word of awesome and down cameth the games full of win. However, their congregation eventually turned on them when their faith in their gaming gods failed when they cursed them with the dark age of fail. On this entry I take a look at co-founder of Maxis and creator of SimCity, William Wright. Read more of this post

DRM, or why publishers want you to pirate their games

It seems that video game publishers seem very confident in their selves. While the rest of the market is suffering loses due to the current recession, the video game market boasts over a 40% growth. Anyone with any sort of taste in games knows that this is both good and bad; good that the video game industry continues to rise in hard times, but bad that it did so in a year when there was not such a wide selection for high-quality games. The biggest offender to this confidence, however, is the video game industry’s crusade to “fight” piracy, which could accurately be compared to trying to hunt down every terrorist in the world (good luck). Read more of this post



A video game giant in its own respect, Spore was perhaps the most anticipated game of 2008 (if not one of the most anticipated games of all time). Maxis has produced some nice titles that have forever gone down in history and Spore seemed to almost be the end-all of blended Maxis titles into one game. However, whereas previous Maxis titles hold your attention for multiple hours of fun, Spore proves to be quite spboring after all has been said and done. Read more of this post