Working your own agenda: Report on video game minority characters is terribly flawed

Gamasutra wrote on a story a couple days back about a report from Science Daily that apparently takes a look at how “minorities” are misrepresented in video games today. According to the study, researchers covered the top 150 games in a year across nine platforms and found that the games do not “accurately represent American society.” The report fails to mention the specifics of all the games, but does happen to mention a few games that apparently reinforce typical stereotypes, like 50 Cent: Bulletproof, which, according to the study, reinforces the stereotypes attributed to African-Americans. Apparently they failed to realized the game was based off 50 Cent himself, who, by jove, actually does happen to exhibit every typical stereotype attributed to African-Americans. But, you know, that’s not his fault; it’s definitely the game’s fault for portraying what he constantly claims do to in his lyrics. Read more of this post