100 mods you should be playing for Oblivion

Edit 7/18/2014: You’ve probably gotten here thanks to Google, as this, as well as my Fallout 3 mods post, usually make the gauntlet run when doing a Google search. Most of these mods are probably outdated and I did not update the links to reflect the domain switch the Nexus made awhile back. I will also not update the links nor will I answer questions regarding them.

Having seen how successful the 50 mods you should be playing for Fallout 3 article was, I wondered if maybe I should take it a step further. You see, before Fallout 3, my top game on the list to mod the hell out of was Oblivion, and, unlike Fallout 3, Oblivion has a great deal more of mods to choose from, which has more to do with how long Oblivion has been around. To this day I still play Oblivion, and it is only because I am able to refresh every six months or so my modding experience by downloading a slew of quality mods that add a lot of content to the vanilla experience of the game. However, instead of just bringing you 50 mods that I recommend, I decided to go all out and up the ante by listing 100 mods that I personally recommend. Yes, I did say 100 mods. Keep your shirt on. So grab some popcorn and pull up a chair, because this is going to be lengthy. Read more of this post