I delete data like you on the way to real let-downs

Originally I had typed a 4,000 word draft of this review. I stopped and deleted it all after I realized that I was tackling it like it was any other review. The only problem that it isn’t. It’s not like other games where it kept me guessing for most of the time on whether or not the overall sensation would be worth my time and money. No, not in the slightest. It came to me that Mass Effect 3 wasn’t just some other game–it was a game I had been waiting for. Ever since Mass Effect first graced its presence back in 2007, I had been intrigued by the shooter with RPG elements that focused more on the dialogue than anything else. And, what’s more, it was a BioWare title, a developer I held in high regard for being one of the last developers in which I felt like I hadn’t been betrayed by. Please note the past tense.

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Moral Effect 3: The decision-making compass to Mass Effect 3

So Mass Effect 3 is slated to hit sometime this holiday season. If you’re a fan like me, you probably have two or three distinct Shepard characters that you’ve been babysitting through the first and second game through various choices. In some ways, Mass Effect 2 seemed to be a bit of a sham in regards to the promises of decisions from the first game carrying over to the second in any significant way. And I’m sure no one playing their Vanilla Shepard was all too happy that they were working for Cerberus either, given the fact that they were behind the attack on Akuze that nearly killed your character.

So far there’s only been a teaser for Mass Effect 3 and even that provides little that we already know about—the Reapers are coming. Air quote all you want, we’ve known that since the ending of Mass Effect 2. Unfortunately a synopsis confirms a straight-from-the-Bioware playbook move, mentioning how it’s up to Shepard to rally the universe for allies to defeat the Big Bad. Aside from sounding like Dragon Age: Origins, it sounds like your chickens are coming home to roost. So here is my take on what I think will influence the happenings of Mass Effect 3 and whether it will help you or harm you in the long run. Oh, and as an obvious warning, spoilers out the butthole ahead.

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RPGs: How far have we come?

Having recently bought some of the classic RPGs of the ages with my blog prize money (thanks GameRiot!), and then switching over to the modern ones of today, I can’t help but notice that some of these “classics” had to be classics in their own right because any other RPG choices of the time had to be God-awfully terrible. So today, in a rare occasion since I’ve pretty much stopped writing, I’ll be taking a look at the RPG genre; what it means, where we have gone with it, and what to expect out of it. Read more of this post