I delete data like you on the way to real let-downs

Originally I had typed a 4,000 word draft of this review. I stopped and deleted it all after I realized that I was tackling it like it was any other review. The only problem that it isn’t. It’s not like other games where it kept me guessing for most of the time on whether or not the overall sensation would be worth my time and money. No, not in the slightest. It came to me that Mass Effect 3 wasn’t just some other game–it was a game I had been waiting for. Ever since Mass Effect first graced its presence back in 2007, I had been intrigued by the shooter with RPG elements that focused more on the dialogue than anything else. And, what’s more, it was a BioWare title, a developer I held in high regard for being one of the last developers in which I felt like I hadn’t been betrayed by. Please note the past tense.

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Game Alignments: Mass Effect 2

Yet again we find ourselves for the third writeup of Game Alignments this week. As you might already know, Game Alignments is a weekly writeup I like to do that puts forth a popular idea of throwing the D&D alignment system into the mix with a game’s characters. This time I’ll be taking a crack at everyone’s favorite sci-fi shooter—Mass Effect 2. Believe me, it was a lot easier than you think considering Bioware pretty much threw the characters into typical stereotypes.

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It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings

Back from the brink

Commander Shepard is back for more in Bioware’s Mass Effect 2, sequel to the first game, in which ended with the conclusion of the demise of Sovereign, a being of biblical proportions that intended to wipe out all life in the galaxy. The game was a critical success despite its faults and vaulted forth Bioware’s transition into a new mutation of RPGs, where the gameplay element heavily focused on the aspect of a typical shooter. Bioware’s other main competitor in this endeavor includes Bethesda, developers of the fine Elder Scrolls series, who also wanted in on the new mutation when they put forth Fallout 3 (which fell quite short). Unlike Bethesda, however, Bioware has already more than proven success at their hand and the sequel to that success is just a further stone’s throw in the sandy market of tourists looking for the new shiny on the beach. So how does Mass Effect 2 turn out? Well…

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Shepard, you’re back!

There’s a sense of wonderment when a sequel proclaims that the choices you’ve made in the first game carry over into the first game. For instance, what happens if I killed the ruling intergalactic council? Or maybe if I stabbed that one teammate in the face because I wanted to see what color he would bleed? Or maybe shooting biotic terrorists in the head was your forte? Either way, by now you can figure out what specific game I am talking about: Mass Effect 2. And yes, spoilers be ahead for the game. Read more of this post