Valve does it again: The Spitter is from the community

As if this wasn’t a big enough slap in the face to the community, the reveal to the new Special Infected known as the Spitter is, yet again, a direct-from-the-community idea that Valve has put in for L4D2. The biggest kicker to it? It’s from one of the co-creators of the L4D2 boycott group. Here’s the thread where he kicked off the idea: [LINK] Read more of this post

Criticizing a Critic: You’re Doing it Wrong

As the years go on in the gaming industry, it becomes quite frequent to find that consumers are lashing back at developers who make blunders and bad decisions. I like to call this phenomenon “consumer criticism.” It’s usually founded with legitimate concerns and arguments and they have every right to voice them. The lowest common detractor, however, likes to call this “bitching.” Actually, they call it a lot of things, in fact, and none of the most common arguments put forth by them are actually stable enough to stand upright on both legs. So lets knock them down once and for all, shall we? Read more of this post