Internet Personalities #7

Welcome to Internet Personalities, a nice little series I like to run from time to time. What exactly is Internet Personalities, you ask? Why, it’s a simple observation of the absolute dredges of the known world, making acute observations of the stereotypes thinking individuals hide (or live) behind their computers. Why do I take upon myself the unbelievably ubiquitous, ugly and unilaterally unknown ulcer of the Internet universe? Mostly because alliteration is the only fun I get to have with this. Forward with numero seven!

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Internet Personalities #6

Hot mamasita, we find ourselves here, yet again, for the sixth writeup of Internet Personalities. At this point it would be perpetually pointless for me to point out the purpose of this post, even for posterity’s sake, but for the poor people who ponder at my plight, allow me to then put it in a plain proverb: one man’s Internet is another boy’s 4chan. Or something like that. But yes, if you’re still confused, then allow me to iterate for the illiterate; I have taken it upon myself to classify, document, and make known of the common Internet personalities many exhibit on the vast Interwebs. And why, in the name of Zuul, do I take on such a pointless task? Mostly because I’m bored. It’s okay though, because so are you, and thus we shall not tarry any further with this pointless talking and will move on instead to the writeup! Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #5

Sons of Zeus, here we are, yet again, for the fifth write up to Internet Personalities. You should know the drill by now, but for those of you still coming late to the party…where the hell have you been? Because here on this write up I take it boldly upon myself to bolster the bumbling buffoons we all bump across on the Internets. But by the Nine! Why in the name of Crom do I take on the pointless profound perception of portraying the perpetually pernicious pissants that plague our playground? Mostly because I’m bored and alliteration is about the only fun I have with this. And on with the fifth writeup we go! Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #4

Here we are, once again, on the fringe of bad taste and madness with Internet Personalities, the write up where I analyze the Interwebs and the kooky personalities that are commonly used on forums and games alike. In the past three write ups I’ve been looking at gamers for the most part, but now it’s time to look in on the true retches of forum humanity. Though I like to pose the question no one has actually ever asked me, I will still pose it regardless; why do I take on the dubiously degenerate path of analyzing the dummies? Mostly because there’s nothing good on tv. So on with fourth writeup we go! Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #3

Yessum, here is the third installment of Internet Personalities! I know, I should be taken out back and be shot for this update schedule. Sorry, I moved and the Internet here has been all wacky and what not. Any who, for those of you who still don’t know or have been living in a cardboard box, Internet Personalities is a weekly (cough) featurette I do examining the personalities people exhibit online–whether they be in the forums in a good flame, or in a good game raging it out over the mic and spamming chat. Why, you may ask, do I take on such a daunting and pointless task? Mostly because I’m bored out of my skull. And if you’re reading this then you probably don’t have anything better to do either, so let’s just call it even. On with the third writeup! Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #2

Oh Mylanta, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Sorry about that, folks, I’ve been a little busy. Okay, I’ve been a lot of busy, but who gives a hanging chad. On with the article I say! In case you have forgotten, in the writeup of Internet Personalities, I take on the adventure of classifying the wild wiles of the willingly weeta’ded Internet idiots that we encounter day in and day out (and may even be the victim of falling under such a category!). Why, you ask, do I do this? Mostly because I’m bored. So live a little and laugh a little, here’s #2! Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #1

The Internet is a whole different world, separate from the real one that we all live in. It has its own quirks and its own jokes. The memes that have spawned countless nights of laughter and eye gouging have only increased as the years go on. Video games are marketable now and more and more people are talking on forums. The people in these two endeavors, once bunched together as simple social outcasts, have formed their own interpersonal realities that they live and embody here on the Internets. Because I am awfully bored, I will attempt to categorize some of the most obvious and generalized personalities people are under the influence of in online video games and on forum discussion groups through a series of write ups each week. Hide the children and prepare to be offended. Read more of this post