My God has more hitpoints than yours

Video games cover an array of different themes and elements (some of them even cover current affairs) from time to time when the developers are pushing their product to be something other than an action sequence. In this endeavor, they might actually hire the fabled “writers” to put in a coherent back story, add depth to the setting, and then put a twist on it. Usually, however, developers just pick a coder’s name out of a hat from a fanfic selection night and dub him the writer. That, or just hire some monkeys and sit them in front of typewriters and hope for the best. Either way, a story within a game is obviously commonplace in today’s market. But let’s look at a specific element that only a few ballsy writers actually try to take on. In this case, I’m talking about religion. Read more of this post


Casting Call: Final Fantasy VII the movie

You ever had a fantasy to make up a casting call to one of your favorite games or books? Something that you can see each actor playing the character’s specific role to the point where you feel like sharing it with other fans of said creative medium? Please say yes so I don’t feel like too much of a geek. That, or you can either nod your head in agreement or point and laugh at my choices for a casting call for Final Fantasy VII the movie. Read more of this post