Thank God for Cold Fusion

(Warning: Spoilers abound)

Twelve years. Twelve long years. That’s the duration the lot of us have had to wait for the continuation of fan-favorite Starcraft, an RTS from Blizzard. Twelve. Freaking. Years. We’ve had to clench our teeth while Blizzard focused all of their production time into the Warcraft intellectual property, watching as Blizzard pushed out the THIRD iteration of Warcraft and then even gave the damn mythos its own MMO. We wept when Starcraft: Ghost was canceled. Five years of production flushed down the toilet and why? Who the hell knows. What we do know is that we had to wait twelve long years for the sequel to show up. As Tychus Finley put it quite well, “Hell, it’s about time.” But was it worth the wait?

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The day the Internet won

It was an interesting week on the issue of privacy concerns on the Internet. Power-hitter Blizzard Entertainment announced that their online forums,, would make a switch so that all of the user names on the forums would use the RealID system, meaning that your real name would display as your user name instead. As in, your real life name. RealID was originally supposed to be a cross-platform communications tool between Blizzard’s online games in which friends could chat with each other, with the catch that using it would make you opt in to show your real name to people you were friends with. The keyword here is “optional.” When Blizzard announced it was going to be mandatory on the forums, there was an uproar.

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