Game Alignments: Mass Effect 2

Yet again we find ourselves for the third writeup of Game Alignments this week. As you might already know, Game Alignments is a weekly writeup I like to do that puts forth a popular idea of throwing the D&D alignment system into the mix with a game’s characters. This time I’ll be taking a crack at everyone’s favorite sci-fi shooter—Mass Effect 2. Believe me, it was a lot easier than you think considering Bioware pretty much threw the characters into typical stereotypes.

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Game Alignments: Dragon Age

Once again we return to the next chapter in Game Alignments, a little write up I do each week that attempts to put characters from a title video game in the D&D alignment hot seat. In a perfect world everything has an absolute to it, right? Of course not, which is why we all love to bicker about our favorite characters and how they fit into the rule of things with their habits and actions. This time, however, we are entering dark territory with Dragon Age, a game that is about as gray as the stew Alistair makes for Leliana (too vague?). Anyways, here’s what I came up with.

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Game Alignments: Fallout 3

Ever curious how your favorite characters from a game might fit into the D&D restricted alignment? Debates are often started on the subject on whether or not the extremes of the opposite corners can fit for anyone’s favorite character. With Game Alignments, I aim to do exactly that with a weekly feature into a video game with an unlikely cast of folks who just happen to feat nice and neat into one of D&D’s nine alignment groups. So grab the popcorn while you ponder over these selections from Fallout 3.

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