Mario Family Line

So I decided to do something crazy. Instead of writing an article, I thought it would be fun to do an infographic. This infographic takes a look at the Mario series by Nintendo, going through the beginning games that inspired the series and what spawned from there. Altogether there are over 130 Mario games included in a family line that spans almost 30 years. Needless to say, Nintendo has been busy in the baby makin’ business (and I’m not just talking about Super Mario World 2). Anyways, enjoy the infographic. Read more of this post

100 mods you should be playing for Oblivion

Edit 7/18/2014: You’ve probably gotten here thanks to Google, as this, as well as my Fallout 3 mods post, usually make the gauntlet run when doing a Google search. Most of these mods are probably outdated and I did not update the links to reflect the domain switch the Nexus made awhile back. I will also not update the links nor will I answer questions regarding them.

Having seen how successful the 50 mods you should be playing for Fallout 3 article was, I wondered if maybe I should take it a step further. You see, before Fallout 3, my top game on the list to mod the hell out of was Oblivion, and, unlike Fallout 3, Oblivion has a great deal more of mods to choose from, which has more to do with how long Oblivion has been around. To this day I still play Oblivion, and it is only because I am able to refresh every six months or so my modding experience by downloading a slew of quality mods that add a lot of content to the vanilla experience of the game. However, instead of just bringing you 50 mods that I recommend, I decided to go all out and up the ante by listing 100 mods that I personally recommend. Yes, I did say 100 mods. Keep your shirt on. So grab some popcorn and pull up a chair, because this is going to be lengthy. Read more of this post

Spore still sucks…but I wish it didn’t

While I have made my feelings about Spore quite public, it’s still hard to remain angry at a game that you really wanted to love. Even after losing a CD drive to SecuROM, even after the shallow response to the criticism EA was receiving about the game, even after the insulting Creepy and Cute pack…there was still a part of me wishing that EA would find redemption in putting out their whorification plans to release 50 expansion packs, like they do for The Sims. At least in that plan The Sims actually became a better game. Read more of this post

Working your own agenda: Report on video game minority characters is terribly flawed

Gamasutra wrote on a story a couple days back about a report from Science Daily that apparently takes a look at how “minorities” are misrepresented in video games today. According to the study, researchers covered the top 150 games in a year across nine platforms and found that the games do not “accurately represent American society.” The report fails to mention the specifics of all the games, but does happen to mention a few games that apparently reinforce typical stereotypes, like 50 Cent: Bulletproof, which, according to the study, reinforces the stereotypes attributed to African-Americans. Apparently they failed to realized the game was based off 50 Cent himself, who, by jove, actually does happen to exhibit every typical stereotype attributed to African-Americans. But, you know, that’s not his fault; it’s definitely the game’s fault for portraying what he constantly claims do to in his lyrics. Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #6

Hot mamasita, we find ourselves here, yet again, for the sixth writeup of Internet Personalities. At this point it would be perpetually pointless for me to point out the purpose of this post, even for posterity’s sake, but for the poor people who ponder at my plight, allow me to then put it in a plain proverb: one man’s Internet is another boy’s 4chan. Or something like that. But yes, if you’re still confused, then allow me to iterate for the illiterate; I have taken it upon myself to classify, document, and make known of the common Internet personalities many exhibit on the vast Interwebs. And why, in the name of Zuul, do I take on such a pointless task? Mostly because I’m bored. It’s okay though, because so are you, and thus we shall not tarry any further with this pointless talking and will move on instead to the writeup! Read more of this post

Valve does it again: The Spitter is from the community

As if this wasn’t a big enough slap in the face to the community, the reveal to the new Special Infected known as the Spitter is, yet again, a direct-from-the-community idea that Valve has put in for L4D2. The biggest kicker to it? It’s from one of the co-creators of the L4D2 boycott group. Here’s the thread where he kicked off the idea: [LINK] Read more of this post

Internet Personalities #5

Sons of Zeus, here we are, yet again, for the fifth write up to Internet Personalities. You should know the drill by now, but for those of you still coming late to the party…where the hell have you been? Because here on this write up I take it boldly upon myself to bolster the bumbling buffoons we all bump across on the Internets. But by the Nine! Why in the name of Crom do I take on the pointless profound perception of portraying the perpetually pernicious pissants that plague our playground? Mostly because I’m bored and alliteration is about the only fun I have with this. And on with the fifth writeup we go! Read more of this post

MMO ideas that have nothing to do with high fantasy

You know, I’ve always laid it down as a maxim that if developers want to inject WoW into their MMOs so that they can be popular, then they should just get a job at Blizzard. Let’s be honest, folks; if a WoW kiddy wants WoW in his MMO, he’ll just play WoW. Which becomes all the more baffling when new MMOs come out and, lo and behold, they’re high fantasy crap. I mean, seriously. Did Eve just happen to pass every high fantasy MMO developer’s mind? So in honor of developers without imaginations, I’d like to offer a few settings that don’t include Elves and dragons by picking from a few popular books, games, and movies that could be made into MMOs. All you need to do is think outside the box. Read more of this post