Help me Hepler you: Bioware in the limelight

So I’ve noticed an increase of complaining on Reddit (more than usual), which led me to reading an article on Kotaku, which led to a much better article on RPS. Needless to say, I’m obviously pretty late to this party, but if you got here even later than I did, then holy crap. Anyway, it all started with a usual /hate post on Reddit. This time it was aimed at a writer for Bioware who’s lead on the Dragon Age series. Her name is Jennifer Hepler and she’s been catching a lot of flak for some things she said back when 300 was just starting its path to memedom. It all started on Reddit (big surprise) when a user kicked off the hate machine with a five-second MSPaint job in which they took a few things she said out of context, added a derogative play on her name, and then added some weasel words that had nothing to do with anything like, “cancer” and “sewage”. Read more of this post