The increasing demand of PC games on PC systems

No, this is not the precursor to a topic discussion about political correctness. I’m talking about one thing and one thing only: PC games. That’s right, I’m that guy. I’m the guy that flexes his muscles at being a self-proclaimed PC gamer. I like to flex that muscle. It makes me feel superior. I try to drop a mention how I’ve been playing Oblivion for five years now and each year it’s a completely different experience because of its extensive modding community. I schlep into conversations and drop the two-monitor bomb setup in Supreme Commander (totally bitching setup, by the way). I piss fluorinert and crap broken 8800GT’s. That’s how I roll. So why do I cringe when new PC games come out?

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of it is just flair—Brucie don’t think you’re genetically different just because you drive the junker and I’m cruisin’ in the beamer. No way. Games can be just as fun on consoles. I just don’t own one and really have no plans to own one. I don’t think I’d be particularly pleased if someone gave me one as a gift either. Not that I would be offended or anything ridiculous like that; it’s just that mainly all of my main interests are found on the PC platform. This is generally why I fly that flag every chance I get. Lately, however, that flag has been waning under the pressure of new releases. In this case I’m talking about what’s usually made as the strongest argument against PC gaming: the system requirements.

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