A critical look at the American gamer: easily entertained, easily amused

As years go by and the video game industry continues to thrive, I often wonder when the day will come when video games stop being treated like second-rate children’s entertainment. You know what I mean, of course. The stares and looks you might receive once you’ve told someone what you like to do in your spare time: “You still play video games?” might be the common occurrence you hear. I nod my head, usually saying something of equal bastard-respite like, “Yes, I am still involved in a forty-billion dollar industry. How about you, are still masturbating to porn? Because video games are bigger than porn.”

In fact, video games are expected to swell to a $68 billion dollar industry world-wide by 2012. Even at its current statistics already, however, video games are the third-largest entertainment market in the world. In the world, friends. Who would’ve ever thought Pong would have brought us so far? Instead, video games are now starting to out-perform movie budgets and revenue intake. So why the hell is America so far behind in the times with G4 showing twenty-three hours of smut and one hour of video game-related air time and SyFy believing we all want to watch a bunch of whiny pretty boys and girls yelling at each other Real World-style?

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