Still Alive–Now writing for Slightly Relevant

So an old friend of mine, Heretica, approached me and a group of other folks a month ago about starting up a new blog site on the consideration that gameriot was going down the pits. After some work going on in the background, Slightly Relevant was born and launched today, a website not just about games, but other random things as well. Aside from myself and Heretica, there’s also Project_XII, Arcturas, bilingue, Rika, Slapnuts, and Vir writing for the site so far. I’ve known Proj and Heretica for some time now, but I’m told the rest of the crew are good regulars from wowriot. Check it out for yourself here.

Because of this, you can pretty much find me much more frequently over there instead of here. I’ll double post my articles here just for posterity’s sake, but I suggest to check out Slightly Relevant anyways. See you guys there!

About Agamemnon
Started blogging back in 2007 amidst that whole Hellgate: London fiasco on a blog known as Eventually moved on to do my own thing in December 2008 at and started Caveat Emptor there. Wrote there for six months, gained some notoriety, and then left. Now I'm back.

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