Beeg Amerikan tee-tees!

So against my better judgment, I decided to sweep up GTA IV off of Steam when they were having one of their crazy sales (it was hard to pass it up at $15). Plus I convinced myself that it had been two years since the game came out for the PC, so obviously all the bugs and complaints surrounding the PC port were ironed out in that time, right? Because Rockstar really cares about their PC ports, and because—alright, so I got this far with a straight face. From here on in, however, it’s just going to get ugly.

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Internet Personalities #7

Welcome to Internet Personalities, a nice little series I like to run from time to time. What exactly is Internet Personalities, you ask? Why, it’s a simple observation of the absolute dredges of the known world, making acute observations of the stereotypes thinking individuals hide (or live) behind their computers. Why do I take upon myself the unbelievably ubiquitous, ugly and unilaterally unknown ulcer of the Internet universe? Mostly because alliteration is the only fun I get to have with this. Forward with numero seven!

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One last game of Civ 4: Updated

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that Civilization 5, the latest iteration in the Civ series, is launching tomorrow. The game comes with a slew of changes, such as the removal of stacks of doom, religion, and espionage. It’s been a long run—five years, to be exact, since Civ 4 came out, but it’s coming to an end tomorrow, and to celebrate the next title, I’ve been playing one last game of Civ 4.

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One does not simply buy his way into Mordor: LotRO now F2P

Lord of the Rings Online, a Turbine MMO (Asheron’s Call, Dungeon & Dragons Online), followed suit in its call to turn its current MMOs over to the Free 2 Play business model on September 8th. For those of you not familiar with the F2P model, this essentially means everyone is now privy to a glorified unlimited trial to the game until about LV20, at which point you would need to buy quest packs to unlock for further zones into the game in order to level up. Or you could not be a total freeloader and just subscribe to the game, at which point all access to the game would be opened up to you. Your call I guess. Then again, would it be worth to do so, especially considering F2P has brought along a slew of new changes to the game?

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Still Alive–Now writing for Slightly Relevant

So an old friend of mine, Heretica, approached me and a group of other folks a month ago about starting up a new blog site on the consideration that gameriot was going down the pits. After some work going on in the background, Slightly Relevant was born and launched today, a website not just about games, but other random things as well. Aside from myself and Heretica, there’s also Project_XII, Arcturas, bilingue, Rika, Slapnuts, and Vir writing for the site so far. I’ve known Proj and Heretica for some time now, but I’m told the rest of the crew are good regulars from wowriot. Check it out for yourself here.

Because of this, you can pretty much find me much more frequently over there instead of here. I’ll double post my articles here just for posterity’s sake, but I suggest to check out Slightly Relevant anyways. See you guys there!