Mainstream video game media; for better or for worse

We often criticize mainstream media in the general news as playing sides and being backed by big business to influence the news. Better yet, an even more recurring theme for mainstream media is the attempt to stay on the top with poor attempts of fear-mongering and with exaggerated stories. We’ve all seen this at play: “Massacre at gas station robbery!” The news goes on then to report three people were killed in said robbery. It’s done to garner the attention of the viewer and to ensure that you stay on the station as much as possible. Instead of news reporting it’s simply Entertainment Tonight. At least ET doesn’t even try to dress up the fact that they’re simply in it for the ratings, however.

But we like to think video gaming media is different, yeah? I mean, we are talking about a multi-billion dollar industry that employs hundreds of thousands across the globe. Except our deal with the news in video games has to go beyond the simple reporting of what’s coming out next month or new trailers being released. We’ve moved on from the simple reporting to going on with feature stories and interviews. For good measure you throw in some reviews as well (it’s only fair; newspapers throw in movie reviews all the time). And yet even our mainstream media has evolved into a hive mind of likely tactics.

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