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So there’s been talk about how there’s not much talking going on about Diablo III, with the given reason that there isn’t much news to be had about the game, but I say amscray to the ixnay to that fiddle diddle. What’s stopping us from speculating or having intelligent conversations about the things that we already know and writing pages on end about theories that may or may not prove true? The GameFAQs Diablo III community seems to have the right idea in their pursuit to stay entertained in the dark times of no news with a daily feature called Yay or Nay Day.

Yay or Nay Day was started eight months ago by LordTwilight. The idea to this daily feature is that a question would be posed about a possible idea or a change that is already known for Diablo III and whether or not people felt that the idea was good or not and expressed as much by voting yay (yea) or nay. The first day didn’t yield too many votes, but after that it became the highlight of the board and hasn’t missed a day since. Here’s what Yay or Nay Day #230 looked like:

Yay or Nay Day #230: “I Think I’ll Cancel My Subscription.”

* Today’s Question:

“I Think I’ll Cancel My Subscription.”

Do you want Diablo III to have a monthly subscription fee?

Blizzard has always had a history of providing free multiplayer functionality for its RPG and RTS games (namely Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, Warcraft III). With the emergence of World of Warcraft, the world’s most popular and successful MMORPG, however, monthly subscription fees have acted like a gold mine for Blizzard. This might be a good reason why they are currently working on an “unannounced MMO” that should not compete with WoW, and such an MMO is expected to be pay to play as well.

Now following on its trend for non-MMO games, Blizzard is expected to release Diablo III (and Starcraft II) with free multiplayer functionality over Battle.net 2.0. However, Battle.net 2.0 is a totally different Battle.net design and infrastructure and there has been no confirmation that it’ll be free to use with a one-time payment of the games it supports. Having said this, most players presume that Battle.net 2.0 will be free and there will be no monthly subscription fees for either Diablo III or Starcraft II for the time being.

* Pros of Having a Monthly Subscription Fee:

– Players might be more devoted to the game.
– Only players who can afford games will stick around, potentially raising the overall “class” of the community. (This might be a bad thing if it attracts more teenagers who do not value money as much as someone with a family to support.)
– More customer support.
– Potential updates to the game and additional contents, provided the players are willing to keep paying.

* Cons of Having a Monthly Subscription Fee:

– After wrecking LAN functionality, the only way to play seems to be over Battle.net 2.0. A player who is not willing to pay $15 a month might never play it with friends.
– Players already pay for the game. The extra “upkeep” might better be used to pay bills, tuition, etc. for players who are responsible of families.
– Many players might play it for a couple of months and then cancel their subscription, thereby diminishing the community size.
– The game might get much more hate than it deserves, and we do not want the reputation of the Diablo franchise to risk going in the same way of the Warcraft franchise.

* The Question Is: Should Diablo III be Pay to Play?

* My Vote:

Nay. My employer is cheap and doesn’t pay as high other companies. I have to pay bills. I have to pay for house rent. I don’t want to pay $15 * 12 months = $180 a year, plus the initial $50. That’ll be too much. The same thing happened with WoW, where I only subscribed to it for four months just to see what “the world’s most addictive MMO” is like, and I’m not subscribed to it any more.

* Devil’s Advocate:

$15 a month is, according to many, a small amount of money. It can be made in an hour and a half with a minimum wage pay. If it means Blizzard will do a better job with keeping the game fresh, then so be it.

Fellow Diablo III community, we salute you in your valiant efforts of trying to keep things interesting! We could learn a lesson or two from them, eh?

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Originally written: February 2009

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