Credit Where Credit is Due: Original Creator of L4D2 Charger Speaks Up

In case you don’t know, in of all of the “new” and “creative” things Valve is going to bring us in L4D DLC 2, one of the most-talked features is the new Special Infected known as the Charger. Praised as a Valve creation, the Charger is actually from the mind of a Steam forum user by the name of ms255 in a thread he created back in December. Fast forward months later, videos and press come out and, lo and behold, here comes the Charger (a name the original creator even proposed) in L4D2. However, his reaction is not what you would expect from someone who had their idea put into a video game.
“As the creator of The Charger, and seeing it in L4D2 news… I’m pretty annoyed. What, they just suck up my idea for L4D and put it into another game? I never said “put this into the sequel”; it was a suggestion for a patch/DLC to L4D1. Leaves me wondering what my rights to my idea really are.” [LINK]

Apparently he was none too happy that an idea he was hoping to pop up in L4D was being used in L4D2. He further reinstates this with another post.

“I’m really quite bitter about this… the happiness of it being picked for use was rapidly replaced with annoyance. This was my attempt to make L4D better for everyone, and I made this thread with the slim hope that The Charger might one day be found in DLC; an update that nobody has to pay for.

Instead, Valve have taken my idea and are going to profit on it by using it in a sequel – a sequel that no fan seems to want yet. New zombies are going to be a big selling point for L4D2, and The Charger was the first new zombie IGN thought to mention in their article.

I’m not a Valve employee… why should Valve make actual money from my suggestions, when they were intended for L4D1, and furthermore intended to be free?

I was told months ago that the developers were looking at “similar ideas”, or something along those lines. I struggle to believe that Valve’s idea:

1. was also called ‘The Charger’
2. also had one strong arm to barge with
3. was also, while fast, “not as maneuverable, so you can dodge him like a bullfighter dodging a bull”
4. was “not as tough as a tank, but he can take some damage” [LINK]

Eventually he concedes that his anger has passed after he received an E-Mail from Valve after trying to contact them about his idea being in their new game.

“Well, my anger has evaporated, but I still feel irritated over this. I received an email, but it basically read “The Charger was created from various sources”. There was liberal mention of some whiteboard of ideas being used, but no acknowledgment of this thread being even partly to do with L4D2’s The Charger. “ [LINK]

On top of all of this, he also has no interest in wanting to buy L4D2 to see his creative idea in action.

Originally written: June 2009

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