50 Mods You Should Be Playing For Fallout 3

Edit 7/18/2014: You’ve probably gotten here thanks to Google, as this, as well as my Oblivion mods post, usually make the gauntlet run when doing a Google search. Most of these mods are probably outdated and I did not update the links to reflect the domain switch the Nexus made awhile back. I will also not update the links nor will I answer questions regarding them.


In honor of the day Bethesda is selling their patch for $10, fallout3nexus.com has launched today the top 50 highest-rated files feature on their site. Mods like Enclave Commander, RobCo Certified, and BulletTime made the list, of course, but rather than just say, “Go take a look at the list,” I figured I should explain for would-be firsties to the modding scene on what’s what in post apocalyptia these days, as well as list my personal favorites instead. So before you buy that $10 patch that requires you to use GFWL (and which has been causing a boatload of trouble for people for such little content), be sure to remember why you bought the PC version of the game.


#1: Enclave Commander

Enclave Commander started off as a simple mod. At the very beginning all you could pretty much do was call in Vertibirds and unload friendly Enclave soldiers that would follow you around and shoot anything that was either hostile to you or was hostile to the Enclave faction. However, the mod has vastly evolved since then, allowing you to call in different types of ground troops, including robots, as well as offering the option to have a Vertibird and pick you up to a predetermined save location of your choosing. You can now give your soldiers orders, take prisoners, and call in air strikes of different varieties. Oh, and you’re no longer limited to just the Enclave as well; you can call in Brotherhood of Steel buddies, as well as Outcasts and now even Chinese soldiers. Check out the page for videos of the mod in action.

#2: Weapon Mod Kits

What it says on the tin. Weapon Mod Kits allows you to have fun with your weapon, giving it a true identity distinguishable from the hundreds of other replicas you pick up to repair it with. Tired of having to reload too frequently or wishing that assault rifle had a scope on it? Your wish is your command–as long as your repair skill is high enough. This mod also takes off the magic ability for every .44 to have a scope on it already, as well as adding a non-unique version of the Lincoln Repeater as a new weapon.

#3: Free Play after MQ

Why wait until March to buy Bethesda’s fix up of a terrible ending when you can get the alternative today and now for free? Free Play after MQ does exactly what you think it does. Now you can actually go into the rotunda, insert the code, and be able to step back out of the airlock to continue to play the game (or the other way; send Lyons to her death). Right now it’s nothing fancy;  just a simple way to continue to play the game after the main quest is over.

#4: RobCo Certified

RobCo Certified offers a perk that lets you become a robot technician to repair defunct or dead robots, provided that you have the appropriate parts to do so. The best part of this mod? Even if your robot companions die, you can still bring them back to life by repairing them again and again.

#5: GreenWorld

Think it’s rediculous that after 200 years there isn’t a single plant in sight? Finding yourself thoroughly bored out of your eye sockets because the only color found within this game is gray? Then Evergreen is definitely a mod you should check out. You can even choose different seasons for what you’d like.

#6: BulletTime

If you’ve ever played Max Payne or if you’ve seen the Matrix, then you know what Bullet Time is all about. As you also imagine, BulletTime does exactly what it says through key mapping. Press a button to enter Bullet Time and press another button to exit out of Bullet Time. There are different versions for how fast the Bullet Time meter regenerates, so choose which version suits you best.

#7: Desert Eagles

Adds Desert Eagles to the game world found off of high level Raiders or some vendors rarely.

#8: Explosive Entry

Tired of how every time you want to open a locked door or container you need to have a high lockpick skill? Looking for an alternative for another field you may be more proficient in? Explosive Entry is just the thing. Instead of using lockpicks, you use an explosive item of variety with a set timer to blow off the lock. Other things are factored in to whether the explosive is a dud, the timer is off, or if the explosive also destroys the items inside all dependent on your explosives skill.

#9: Ultimate Perk Pack

Adds a boatload of perks that can truly make your character unique or give you a reason to become proficient in unarmed or melee combat.

#10: Followers Hire

Don’t like the follower limit? This mod makes a workaround to that by making your Charisma stat useful. The higher your charisma the more followers you can have at a time.

#11: HK Mark 23

Adds an HK Mark 23 to the game. Can be bought from Flak & Shrapnel or found in loot containers.

#12: Vz61

Adds an Vz61 to the game. Can be found on Raiders from the very beginning of the game.

#13: Sig Sauer 14mm Auto Pistol

Adds a classic weapon from the Fallout series. Can be found at different locations as made note in the description of the mod.

#14: Repair Rethought

Tired of needing an EXACT copy of a weapon or armor to repair what you’re using? This mod fixes that by using junk you can find in the Wasteland.

#15: Killable Children

If you’ve been to Little Lamplight, then you can understand why this mod is available. Despite the amount of crap the Moral Guardians have brought against this mod, it just adds in the option to kill children, as in vanilla Fallout 3 they are invincible.

#16: Umpa Animation

Adds a load of dance animations for you to thoroughly laugh your ass off or record and make your own Fallout 3 music videos.

#17: Some Poses

Adds a bunch of poses you can set your character to for picture-capturing opportunities.

#18: PCIdles

Lets your character perform idle actions in third person, provided that you have the necessary items to do so.

#19: VATS Normal Weapon Degredation

Tired of VATS making your weapons as reliable as FEMA? VATS Normal Weapon Degredation cures exactly that problem.

#20: Amplified Crippled Effects

Offers bigger penalties for having a broken leg or for crippling your enemies.

#21: Increased Spawns

From Martigen, the creator of Martigen’s Monster Mod from Oblivion, this mod increases the spawns for the monsters in Fallout 3. If you’re looking for an added challenge and you can manage the extra strain on your system, then here’s a mod for you.

#22: Multiple Ways to Attain Power Armor Training

What it says on the tin. No more having to wade through the main quest just to be able to use power armor.

#23: Fellout

Removes the green filter applied to the game to give the world a natural feeling and feel less like a cliche.

#24: Workbench and Crafting Expansion

Adds a great number of workbench weapons for you to use as alternatives to the weapons you already have.

#25: Mighty Mouse

Makes the Strength stat more worthwhile for how much equipment you can carry.

#26: Tougher Traders

Also from Martigen, this mod makes the caravan traders tougher, so when one of them comes across a few rinky dinky Raiders, they aren’t killed in the process. If you’re still confused about this one, caravan traders offer the best goods in the game once you are able to invest in them, as well as they offer the highest repair skills as well.

#27: Owned

Owned is a realism mod for the Wasteland, which also adds another oversight by Bethesda, so when you kill someone you gain ownership of all their possessions; including their house.

#28: Mr Lab Technician

Offers a wide variety to your buyable lab set, including being able to choose which drug you want to brew next.

#29: Nightvision Goggles

No more sightless nights or relying on that weak nightlight called a flashlight. Nightvission Goggles cures this problem simply by adding an item to wear with a drawback.

#30: KaBooM

Blow stuff up better. Bigger booms, bigger fun.

#31: Longer Death Camera

Not exactly “useful,” but it has its needs if you’re into creating fun deaths and where they take you, or what happens after you die and how your companions make out.

#32: Full Color Tranquility Lane

Adds color to Tranquility Lane. I mean, hey, it is a simulation after all. No one realizes that everyone is color blind?

#33: Melee/Unarmed Pack

Adds perks, weapons, and items specifically for meeleers or unarmed players.

#34: Rideable Creatures

Your feet hurt after all that walking, right? Well, why not ride a Brahmin or maybe a Yao Guai? Buy your mount and be amazed how modders were able to do something Bethesda was unable to.

#35: Radiation Glow and Mutations

Depending on how high your RAD level is, you get to glow like a radioactive bunny rabbit that grew up too close to a nuclear power plant. Oh, and you can also mutate.

#36: Level Cap 100

Why also wait until March until you can increase the level cap when you can do it now? If you want to use this mod you will need the following mods as well: Level Cap Increaser Skill Workaround & GNR Fix

#37: Purchase the Tenpenny Suite

Want both homes? Or want the Tenpenny Suite without killing 50% of the NPCs in the game? Then this is definitely the mod for you.

#38: Mannequins

Adds mannequins for you to place in your home (or other places). Put some armor and weapons on them and have them to show off your unique items.

#39: Portable Turrets and Barricades

What it says on the tin. Deploy sandbag walls and turrets that will attack anything (and I do mean anything).

#40: Portable Camp

Adds a portable camp for you to place any where in the Wasteland. Comes with a table, bed, radio, chairs, and torches.

#41: Raider Grafitti Re-worked

The modder says it better than I can. Replaces those blotches called grafitti with actual grafitti.

#42: MTUI

A definite mod if you want to feel like you’re playing a polished game. This modifies the speech boxes and selections so everything isn’t in size 172 font.

#43: Color Hi-Detailed map and icons

Gives the PipBoy map color and colorizes the icons as well.

#44: Armor Disguises

Could make the game easier, but also makes sense if you’re wearing a full set of Enclave Power Armor. Use at your own discretion.

#45: Coyote Reflex Power Armor

Armor for stealth types. Higher jumping, faster running, and better VATS accuracy.

#46: Accurate Assault Rifles

Now you have a reason to use those assault rifles against enemies at large distances.

#47: Wattz Laser Weapons

Adds classic Fallout pistols and rifles.

#48: Better Big Guns

Now you also have a reason to use the miniguns in Fallout 3 as well.

#49: Robobomb

Extremely fun mod. Adds a remote-controlled nuclear bomb in the form a little robot. Definitely not friendly in the middle of the gunfight, as if you exit the controller mode it will explode, but it does offer some good laughs when mutants freak out when they see it and shoot at it or come running at it, only to find out if they damage it enough it explodes as well.

#50: Suitcase Nuke

Oh sure, there’s the Fat Man, but that weapon is designed for tactical cases, despite how over-powered it may be. No, if you really want an over-powered weapon, then the Suitcase Nuke mod is definitely for you. Remember the Megaton explosion? Yeah, that’s what you get here. Have fun!


There you have it, 50 mods I recommend you should be playing with that greatly enhance the game experience of Fallout 3. Keep in mind that a great number of these mods require the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), so it is recommended you pick that up as well. To help with the number of mods you have and check for conflicts, I suggest Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), as well as the Archiveinvalidation validator (AVV) so you won’t have to manually add text in your archiveinvalidation.txt when you install mods that replace over textures. Now go and have the experience Bethesda couldn’t give you.

Originally written: February 2009

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5 Responses to 50 Mods You Should Be Playing For Fallout 3

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  2. lonethar says:

    Thanks for the link to the list! Im going to look at the suitcase nuke.

    Because sometimes I like to watch things get blowed up REAL good…

  3. WastelandTimes says:

    Is there a play as a Super Mutant mod with missions that change accordingly? It would be even better if you could start as a normal, get vatted and come out huge and green and ready to round up some other normals for processing. Lol!

    Get some dialogue writers with a little courage to help out with it. The goody two shoes SM’s would preach the virtues of transformation and evolution. The hard core SM’s would preach SM supremacy and round up the normals for experimentation, slavery, etc. They would carry heavy weapons, kick butt and be feared by the world.

    Remember how in Fallout 2, the anti mutant terrorist Jacob (the Chemist in broken hills) had dialogue responses that sounded like they were the Rainbow Patrol’s take on his beliefs?

    Don’t make that mistake with the dialogue.

    Jacob should have said much nastier things like “You actually like those monsters?” “They almost took over before. Why do you trust them now?” “You only look normal compared to a mutant. No wonder you like them so much.”

    Other issues:

    Is there some specific reason that you don’t see exclusive groups of blacks or hispanics in the Fallout series? Did someone promise Black Isle and Bethesda that they would have very little bad publicity if they pushed a bunch of unrealistic kum bay yah style race mixing. You know, the kind that is so run of the mill on TV and in movies but is far less common and far less nice in real life? (If you live in a majority white area you probably don’t know how human non white people really are. You probably think of non whites as innocent angels who are victims of white racists.)

    In a hard edge video game that lack of realism is glarring and keeps a great chasm of distance between the game and plausible human to NPC interactions.

    The same reason that we can’t have a good ‘play as a Super Mutant plot line’, is the same reason we can’t have a good anti Mutant plot line; or a good racism vs. anti racism plot line. At least, not one where you could play as a Super Mutant or a racist and be serious about what you were doing. You could raze towns, convert people to your cause, give speeches, etc.

    For a game that claims to be an adult role play/horror masterpiece it sure tucks tail and runs when serious topics like racial supremacy, mutant vs. normal supremacy and child exploitation vs. child protection come into play. Including those plot lines where you can be evil without apology would have made the role play as well as the fable told by the Fallout series much harder hitting and vividly real.

    It probably would have cost the creators their jobs though.

    I do love the Fallout series but it could be so much better if all perspectives were given an honest expose. Good is good, evil is evil and in between is in between. Nobody snivels at your feet just because you hate their beliefs. If you ask them questions sometimes they tell you things that you don’t want to hear.

  4. Michael says:

    Just a quick note to thank you for posting this Fallout 3 mods list. I didn’t even know some of these (like the ride-able animals mod) existed. Re: Wastelandtime’s comments, if you stop and think about it for a moment it becomes clear that in Fallout 3 the nuclear holocaust pretty much destroyed the preexisting social order and made ethnic differences irrelevant. Not to mention the fact that the existence of so many monsters including humanoid ones would increase the sense of “us versus them” (human beings versus monsters) and further decrease any residual ethnicity-based grudges.

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